Terms and Sale conditions


All our sales are regulated by these general sales conditions. Therefore, conditions other than those or purchase conditions required by the customer are not accepted.


The sale of our products is reserved for professional operators in the motorcycle sector and private consumers.


We recommend the utmost care and clarity in order to avoid unwanted delivery delays. Orders are always subject to our approval, and we reserve the right not to accept them, without any justification. At the time of the order, the customer fully accepts these general terms of sale. Orders shall be made in writing and shall include, in addition to the exact social reason, the address and fiscal datas, any other destination, the full article number and the quantity of the desired products. The description of the article is not necessary as it will be the number of the article indicated. If the data are incomplete, we do not take responsibility for our erroneous interpretations.

Delivery terms

The terms of delivery, if indicated by you, must not, under any circumstances, be considered peremptory and challenging. We do not accept orders with priority or urgency, because all orders are already in real time and in chronological order of arrival at our head office. The delay or partial delivery of the goods cannot be regarded as a valid reason for the termination of the order. Any inventory of orders will be sent to you as soon as possible. It is your option to request the partial and / or total cancellation of the remainder of the order by sending us a written notification or you may request the cancellation of all remaining items on a permanent basis.

Transport and Shipment Costs

The goods always travel and only at risk and danger of the recipient / client. All shipments and deliveries are to be understood as "Franco departure" so at our shop of Riva del Garda (TN). This means that we are not responsible under any circumstances, as stipulated in terms of law, for any theft, loss, subtraction, damage, total or partial losses of the goods transported, as our responsibility falls by delivery to the carrier. We recommend you to check the packaging, the number of packages and the content at the time of receipt of the goods and immediately question the carrier any discrepancies or damage. The cost of transport is charged on an invoice, the packaging is free. If not explicitly requested, we reserve the right to choose the method of transport and the shipper. You will be charged for any storage costs asked from the courier for non-delivery due to your absence / refusal / omission amount, etc. For the costs, in Italy, Germany  and Austria the shipment is free for purchases over 99€ except any special offers. In some Countries (Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece 1, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom1, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain1) the shipment is free for purchases over 499€ except any special offers.


The instability of exchange rates, increases in general costs and raw materials could lead to unpredictable price increases of our products. Consequently, due to the impossibility of communicating the changes to all customers in good time, the prices in force at the time of invoicing of the goods and also in the case of deferred deliveries are valid. To know the updated prices, we recommend that you check on the invoice or on our website www.sembenini.it, or, you can contact us to know the updated prices, or request a pro-forma invoice or order confirmation.


The terms of payment are determined by our commercial office and at its sole discretion, the advance payment may be required, or, in cash, also cash and / or circular checks, regardless of the amount, without providing reasons and / or justification. Any marking by means of a bank cheque, where indicated on an invoice, shall be made out to the carrier with which a regular private writing has been concluded. In the event of a delayed payment, whatever the reason, you will be charged, in addition to all the expenses we have incurred and with a minimum of € 13,00, interest on arrears as provided for by legislative decree 9 October 2002 number 231. Will also be suspended pending orders and deliveries to total collection.


PayPal Checkout Available: Paypal checkout available: you can pay immediately both with your paypal account and with your credit card directly on Sembenini.it Paypal account.

Bank Transfer: Simply by making a bank transfer to the bank details below and as soon as you have sent or via e-mail or fax the receipt of the transfer so that our staff can send the goods you purchased.

IBAN: IT 75 T 08016 35320 000002351388 - BIC: CCRTIT2T04A


The guarantee that we have provided, for parts of us or from the manufacturer deemed defective at source, will never go beyond the replacement of the party itself and, in any case, will never exceeds the guarantee provided by the manufacturer. There is no direct or indirect responsibility for things and people for the use of our products, even if they are defective. No guarantee shall be granted in the case of installation performed by non-professional personnel. The parts shall be excluded from the guarantee, by their nature, for wear and movement.


Despite the attention given to finding the information contained in the site, we do not assume responsibility for any incorrect indications. Always check the product before you use it. We will not accept any dispute about the product already mounted and / or used. The Photos in our catalogue are only indicative and are not to be considered as contractual. In order to improve the product we reserve the possibility to change the appearance and features.


No complaints or complaints are accepted for incorrect order or incorrect submission of 8 days after receipt of the goods. Take your checks in good time. Any return will be accepted only after the authorization of our commercial office and, in any case, under the following conditions: - the original packaging must be intact and with all the accessories included and shipment cost are on you. - you will be charged a cost of € 5,00 as a partial refund for handling and administrative charges. Unauthorised returns and / or not in accordance with the above will be rejected at your own cost.


For any dispute, the competent court is in Rovereto. We ask you to take a look at the privacy statement ("privacy statement") which forms an integral part of these general terms of sale.